Planning For Disney World Has Gotten Too Hard. We Can Make It MUCH EASIER.

A Disney World trip represents the kind of financial investment we can’t afford to waste. You can drive yourself crazy worrying that you’re going to have a bust of a vacation and have a big bill to show for it. The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining is here to help!

Be 100% Confident About Your Dining Decisions

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of the biggest (and most expensive) parts of your trip resolved? To be able to feel 100% confident about your dining decisions? The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining is designed to make sure that in 24 hours you will be feeling great about your plans. And we promise you’ll have fun getting there.

Money-Back Guarantee

And this is risk-free! If you don’t feel the DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining is worth the price, just let our support team know within 30 days and I’ll refund your money. As you can see I’m very confident that you’ll be thrilled with the guide and get many times your investment back in money savings, time savings, and more fun on your vacation.

Your Biggest Dining Concerns Resolved TODAY

There’s a ton of information in the guide, but we want you to feel better about your trip TODAY. To make sure this happens we have a 5-Step process that will get the most important issues about your dining sorted immediately. Then you can relax and dig deeper into your planning, knowing the hardest part is done.


The money-saving tips alone are worth the price of the book.

- Len Testa, Author 'The Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World'

If you’ve ever had a question about dining at Walt Disney World, AJ Wolfe’s The Disney Food Blog Guide to Walt Disney World Dining has the answer. This comprehensive e-book is a valuable tool for both first-time visitors and Disney World veterans.

- Kristen Ford, Orlando Sentinel

There is nothing else so well-written, comprehensive and FUN about Walt Disney World dining! I found the book valuable, interesting and truly fun to read from beginning to end.

- Lou Mongello, WDWRadio

The book is easy to navigate, fun to read, and incites Pavlovian responses with its mouth-watering descriptions and images of Disney dishes. If you’re heading to Disney World, you really should make a dining plan as part of your preparations. The DFB Guide is a comprehensive, invaluable plan-making resource.

- Arthur Levine, Parks

I went to Disney World for the first time two years ago. Your guide was indispensable!! I went again last year and found it even more useful. You offer tremendous advice to the novice and regular visitors alike. Thanks

- Paul

I thought I should finally take the time to tell you how much I enjoy the Disney Food Blog and everything you do for your readers. I eagerly look forward to your daily emails and your Guides are fantastically well-researched and informative. Thank you, AJ, for taking the time to give us a gift every day of the year, not just at Christmas.

- Linda

Hey AJ… just purchased the EPCOT snack guide yesterday and LOVE IT!! My wife, son, and myself are heading to WDW this Saturday for 10 days and will be spending one whole day at World Showcase…you can see how handy this e-guide is going to be for us. We have spent the last day picking out our favs and are so looking forward to this day…. Anyway just wanted to let you know we love the guide and keep up the great work!

- Chris B.

We are in WDW right now, having a great time….but I can’t thank you enough for all I’ve learned from DFB videos, books, and blog! I know exactly what I want to try and where to get it!

- Dr. Steven P. K.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your long hours of eating and drinking in the name of research!!! We found some amazing snacks and treats due to your suggestions!!! I will admit I made my family go back to the board walk more thank once for some butter cake sundaes!!!!

- Theresa T

Just a quick e-mail to say I’m so glad we used the Disney Food Blog in the planning of our recent trip to Walt Disney World. In addition to the blog we also purchased the book/PDF and found it invaluable during both our visit and planning. We had some super dining experiences, many of which we would of simply missed without your excellent recommendations and advice.

- M Coles

Why Digital Means More Value For You

Read From Any Device

Digital copy allows you to read from your iPhone, Kindle, iPad, Computer or anywhere else you can read a PDF File.

Get It Instantly

You can download immediately and start taking advantage of our expert tips and solutions.

Search, Click Links, & More

Because this is a digital guide, you can search the text, click on hyperlinks for more detail, and take this with you anywhere — not something you want to do with a 700-page physical guidebook.

Instant Refunds

We’re so confident in our products that we have a no questions asked, money back guarantee. Since it’s an e-book, all you have to do is send an email to get your refund.

Sample Pages


Downloadable Worksheets

These worksheets are designed to help you execute all the steps of planning the perfect Disney dining experience. And they’re reusable for your next trip!

Sample Iteneraries

Seven sample one-day dining itineraries will help you with brainstorming. There are hundreds of dining options in Disney World. These examples, which are tied to particular theme parks, touring styles, and dietary needs, will help you get an idea of what a perfect dining day might look like for you and your family.

Bars And Lounges Index

Disney Food Blog readers were adamant that this be a part of the book and we were more than happy to oblige! An often under-appreciated option for both dining and entertainment for the whole family, the e-Book devotes a whole index to the topic.

Scavenger Hunts

Load your trip with extra fun with these scavenger hunts.

About The Author

AJ Wolfe has been writing about the food at Disney World for over a decade. Hundreds of thousands of people read AJ’s Disney dining advice every day, so you can feel confident that your plans are in safe hands. AJ and the Disney Food Blog have been recommended/quoted by the New York Times; The Wall Street Journal; Parents, Redbook, People, and Family Fun Magazines;;;; Travel and Leisure; and other local and national media outlets. Her photographs have appeared on AJ has also been interviewed on National Public Radio’s “Good Food with Evan Kleiman” and on television about her expertise in Disney travel. Both and have profiled AJ, featuring her extensive Disney food knowledge.