We always get great feedback about our e-Books. Here are just a few of my favorites!

I went to Disney World for the first time two years ago. Your guide was indispensable!! I went again last year and found it even more useful. You offer tremendous advice to the novice and regular visitors alike. Thanks

I thought I should finally take the time to tell you how much I enjoy the Disney Food Blog and everything you do for your readers. I eagerly look forward to your daily emails and your Guides are fantastically well-researched and informative. Thank you, AJ, for taking the time to give us a gift every day of the year, not just at Christmas.

Hey AJ… just purchased the EPCOT snack guide yesterday and LOVE IT!! My wife, son, and myself are heading to WDW this Saturday for 10 days and will be spending one whole day at World Showcase. Anyway, my son (11) wants to eat around the world. So…. you can see how handy this e-guide is going to be for us. We have spent the last day picking out our favs and are so looking forward to this day. Thank God it’s a LONG walk around the promenade…hopefully we can burn some of the cals off… Lol. Anyway just wanted to let you know we love the guide and keep up the great work!
Chris B.

We are in WDW right now, having a great time….but I can’t thank you enough for all I’ve learned from DFB videos, books, and blog! I know exactly what I want to try and where to get it!
With highest gratitude,
Dr. Steven P. K.

My friend and I love, love, love the Food and Wine Festival in EPCOT and have gone for the last 3 years in a row. This will be our fourth time. Every year I purchase your e-Book – we LOVE IT!!! We just subscribed to your YouTube Channel – and LOVE your videos!!!! We are total foodies and enjoy your recommendations – thank you for being so honest and making this so enjoyable for us both!!!!
James G.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your long hours of eating and drinking in the name of research!!! We found some amazing snacks and treats due to your suggestions!!! I will admit I made my family go back to the board walk more thank once for some butter cake sundaes!!!!
Thank you – Theresa T

Well, this was a long note to tell you we really enjoyed your suggestions and had a great anniversary trip. Dining and sampling different things was one of our trip priorities and we certainly accomplished that.
Thanks for everything you do and keep up the great work!
Tom W.

Overall, please keep doing what you’re doing because you guys really made our trip much easier to find food and prep for our days. Much love and Thanks!
Jayne and Eliza

Hey there!! I just wanted to thank you for all the videos and emails!!! I have been a fan for years, and of course just bought all your guides again for our next big trip. You are great!!!!!!!
Hannah P.

Thank you so much. We thought we knew everything there is to know about WDW. Well, Ha, Ha, I am an apprentice compared to you and your staff. You are to be congratulated. Exceptional effort on a regular basis with the DFB and now this amazing DFB Guide. Closer to September 2019 I will contact you and if it’s at all possible we would love to meet you.
Garry S. & Family

I take all of your advice and just think you’re spot on in your reviews; thank you for doing what you do and helping so many of us eat our way around Disney.
Victoria F.

Thanks for doing all that you do with both the blog and YouTube. Your advice is spectacular and is a great way for anyone to stay up on the happenings with Disney.
Mike S

Just a quick e-mail to say I’m so glad we used the Disney Food Blog in the planning of our recent trip to Walt Disney World. In addition to the blog we also purchased the book/PDF and found it invaluable during both our visit and planning. We had some super dining experiences, many of which we would of simply missed without your excellent recommendations and advice.
M Coles

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you at the Food Blog for what you do. Last October I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Food and Wine Festival with friends at Epcot. It was fantastic and since I had purchased the DFB guide book ahead of time, knew just what I wanted to set my sights towards. You all provided such great tips regarding the event!
Diane H.

Thank you so much! Amazing customer service – and what a fantastic product 🙂
Neil M.

My wife and I absolutely love the eBooks, the blogs, and the YouTube videos. You and your staff are informative and interesting.
David P.

Just purchased your WDW dining book and it’s incredible! The details, hints and tips more than justify the price. Many thanks from the Nicholls family.
The Nicholls Family

Wanted to let you know that we’ve been subscribers to your YouTube channel for a year now and we can’t get enough of your content. We watch through the YouTube app on our TV, so we aren’t able to like or add comments to your videos. Your videos and articles are so thoughtfully written, upbeat and fun and we’ve showed them to any of our friends that will watch with us. We’re going through your DFB guidebook now to help plan out our next trip, and we realize just how much food and fun we missed out on our last visit! Thank you for giving us all a fresh and entertaining look into an often overlooked aspect of the Happiest Place on Earth. Keep up the great work!
Chrissie H.

WOW!!! I can’t thank you enough or properly or ever. I can’t believe how much work you all have put into the ebooks I just bought. I have never received a value like this. Maybe when I purchased my 1988 Nisson Sentra for about $7,500.00 but I doubt that. The amount of information I just got will be used for my upcoming trips in October, and hopefully, December of 2018 and beyond. Almost speechless here. THANK YOU!!!
Joe B. + wife Kelly & our 2 kids Amanda & Jeremy

Once again, the ebooks are so informative. I have never been so prepared for a trip to Disney.
Carol T.

Downloaded your book the other day after months of hesitation. I though I had been before and already knew pretty much where we would dine for our upcoming trip so why read it? Why spend the money? I have to tell you I wish I bought it earlier! The best $ I have spent on any WDW planning book! Thank you!!!
Jennifer Ann

Just a quick ‘thank you’ e-mail. We just returned from a 2-week stay at WDW (Beach Club). As always, your excellent e-books and website provided us with great information, tips and advice. We especially enjoyed the Epcot F&W Festival booths. Keep up the good work!
Best regards
Melvyn & Family (England)

My husband & I are having an amazing dining experience at WDW. All thanks goes to you, your blog & your e-book!!

My husband & I so appreciate you & your awesome blog. You & the DFB guide have been important parts of our trip planning!

You are super awesome. I have so totally enjoyed the Food and Wine book – it helped me make my plans for a few trips. All of the books, tips, and info are so helpful. Thank you for all you do.
Karen F.

I just came back from our 13-day trip to WDW and Universal parks. We hadn’t been there since 2010 and this was our first trip to Food and Wine Festival. I had bought your WDW and Food & Wine Festival bundle last December. We had a wonderful time and part of it was due to your wonderful e-books. I wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for the hard work you put into your books.
Debbi P.

We are in WDW right now, having a great time….but I can’t thank you enough for all I’ve learned from DFB videos, books, and blog! I know exactly what I want to try and where to get it! Especially….the spiked Dole Whip at Tamu Tamu — dear Lord I’m ready to quit my job and move to Orlando!
Steven K.

Love your updates and your online books. Can’t wait to go to Disney again, but in the meantime, delighted that I know what’s happening food wise and what I want to plan around when I get there. Keep up the great work!
Tina H.

I loved the book. It is WAY BEYOND what I expected. Really great!
Debbi P.

Thank you very much. I actually live in Celebration and keep up with your guides and emails to keep up on food options for friends, family and clients. Your guides help us keep up with new and interesting trends around the parks.
Timothy D.

Thank you so much. I can’t wait to read it…they are always AWESOME reads.
Keep doing what you’re doing.
Emma G.

We love you guys so much! We were so happy with last year’s e-book and couldn’t wait for this year’s! Thank you guys for everything!
Emery B.

I would like to say “thank you” for all that you do. I think that the amount you charge for the PDF guides is extremely reasonable for the amount of work that is done and the quality of the document.I just got back from the Food and Wine Festival, and wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much without the PDF and all the daily e-mails that you send.
THANK YOU for making an already enjoyable experience superlative.
Mary K.

I love your blog and bought your book prior to our trip. Based on your suggestions, my neice and I ate at several restaurants we had not tried before. Saana – wonderful dining experience. The butter chicken was fantastic! I can’t wait to go again. The staff was excellent and they accommodated my niece’s food allergy with no problem. We ate at The Wave for breakfast. Loved it. A quiet leisurely breakfast was the way to start the day. The sweet potato pancakes with pecan butter were a really treat! Loved the multi-grain Mickey Waffles and The Wave grits were yummy!
Many thanks to your for your hard work!
Debra P.

Even though we have been to the Food & Wine Festival several times before, the DFB guide is super helpful!!!! Thanks for publishing it every year!!!!
Lynn P.

Your website is honestly my favorite! I always get super excited when I see a new update on Facebook and quickly click on the links to read your updated articles. The photos accompanying the written reviews make me feel like I am actually there with you enjoying the experience! Thank you for keeping me entertained everyday with something exciting and tasty looking! I am visiting WDW from June 1st to 7th and used your site and book to plan all of our meals as well as the snacks (particularly the cupcake stops)! Keep up the great work!
Jennifer B.

What I’ve read so far is great! I don’t know how I’ve managed without these books before.
Suzanne S.

Just a quick e-mail to say I’m so glad we used the Disney Food Blog in the planning of our recent trip to Walt Disney World. In addition to the blog we also purchased the book/PDF and found it invaluable during both our visit and planning. We had some super dining experiences, many of which we would of simply missed without your excellent recommendations and advice.Keep up the great work, we shall keep an active interest on the blog and once again purchase the book/PDF when we return in 2017.
M.C. and Family

Let me first say I made the best purchase two weeks ago when I bought the “DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2013!” This is our family’s third visit to Disney World and our two girls are now teenagers, 17 & 14. Usually my family puts all the decisions for planning meals and where we are going all on me, but with this book everyone is much more excited in helping plan OUR Disney Vacation. THANKS!!!! I especially like the section about teenagers and how they do get excited about the food at that age and it can add another level of fun to the vacation.
Margaret R.

I heard you on WDW Radio and just bought all the books. I was worried about the downloads because I’m not computer savvy, but it was so easy and fast, and now it’s in my itunes. I’m really excited to snack my way around the World. Thanks so much.
Cyan M.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I just returned from a 10 day trip in Orlando. We spent the first three days at Universal and then a week at Disney. I was armed with your e-books and had my food hit lists ready to go. I knew I wouldn’t make it through all my lists but I tried hard! LOL Thanks to you, I am completely addicted to the Werthers caramel popcorn and the salted chocolate caramel squares. It took me days to eat one! I went back at the end of the trip and got four more and three bags of popcorn to bring home as gifts (and to some to keep!). I also tried the chocolate caramel apple. I got it in a ‘to-go’ container but it wasn’t as you described. It was this cool container that allows the stick to stay in the apple. I was happy because it allowed me to take it home without it being cut up. I also had the queso at La Cava and the crazy corn at Paradiso 37. I had many more meals/snacks and I pretty much found all your suggestions right on the money. I ate way more than I usually do and now I need to get back on my weight watchers plan! LOL!! So I just wanted to say thank you and I will try to finish my lists the next time I go!!
Audrey C.

My husband and I just returned from a wonderful 9-day trip to Disney World. I wanted to say a big, heartfelt THANK YOU! The Disney Food Blog made our trip perfect, food wise. I found this blog around January when we started to plan our trip for the end of April. My husband and I are huge foodies and found all the information we needed on your blog. Then your book came out and gave us further information in a very organized manner, which proved to be very helpful. Food is a large part in our planning on any trip and we hold Disney on a high pedestal. This was our first trip to Disney World. We are regulars at Disneyland and feel like we have a good handle on the food there. Disney World was a whole different animal. We were able to eat at a variety of different places on a budget of $30 per person, per day.
Lisa C.